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Close Ties app is a generic tool that you can use to easily initiate or request honest conversation to anyone you know.

When you care about someone and you disagree with the person, use the app to advance yourself and the relationship. (Calling feature is currently in development; for now use IM.)


Send a Truth in the app by moving a slider to pick a rating of how much you care about that person and write to him or her. To a phone number or Email address that you specified, the other person will receive a text message or Email: (let's say you are George Washington) "George Washington sent you a Truth from 12022243121". In a private chat room of the app, your Truth will be displayed as a message bubble and would lead you to message each other honestly. The other person only needs to verify the phone number or Email address to see the Truths previously sent to the account. You can send more Truths back and forth during the conversation afterwards.

You become close ties when you or the other person sends a Truth to each other. You can leave the conversations freely, and then you would no longer be close ties. Updating your status sends notifications to all of your close ties and have unread dots for them, similar to receiving a new message, until your status update has been seen in the message detail page (or in Close Ties page). Status update can be consisted of texts, photos, and Gifs using Giphy. Your Today's condition can also be shared in the same way as a status update but with specific close ties of your choice each time. You can also track previous "today's conditions" in the calendar to help maintain healthy lifestyles with good habits for sleep, eating, and exercise. Close Ties is a truly real-time social app that is designed to be good and make you happier.


• Chat with people only using phone numbers and Email addresses. Can claim multiple accounts and message all in one place.
• No clutters around the messaging textfield.
• Updating your status notifies all of your close ties. Updating today's condition does not notify anyone, unless you share it with specific individuals later.
• Can leave a conversation and start new ones. When you leave a conversation and the other person sends a message in the conversation, the other person will be notified that you left. The other person then will also no longer be able to see your status updates and, if shared, today's condition (automatically expires at the end of day daily) from that Truth.
• Load up to 500 latest messages every time, and pull down to load the rest of the messages.
• Secure messaging between you and the recipient, guaranteed (more info at our private policy page).
• Order of messages is always the same in every device (not always true for iMessage).
• Read receipts automatically enabled after 200 messages are sent.
• Share images, gifs, audios, and locations, and send subsequent text messages immediately without being temporally blocked by the uploads.
• In rare conditions where messages fail to send, they will fail immediately and give you options to retry.

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