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Close Ties app is for those among whom you can talk about anything, who genuinely care about your success, whose success you genuine care about, and who aren't sunk costs*.

Are you miserable using Facebook?
Do you loath the culture decay that you see around us from the negative influences of instagram and TikTok?
Have you ever wished that there was an app like iMessage that works for both iOS and Android and is not glitchy like Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp?

Close Ties app is a private, minimum social network that makes you happy while using it, supplements your real in-life social interactions, and gives you the iMessages-level, great messaging experience in both iOS and Android.

"Close ties"-ship can replace friendships in Facebook.

Our status update can replace Facebook's and Instagram's posts.

And the app's old, classic messaging experience, inspired by iMessage in its early days when Steve Jobs was alive, can replace the messaging app that you are currently using for both iOS and Android.

Stop giving yourself in and being negatively influenced by Meta and the other narcissistic companies who care about profit over you yourselves. The better and healthier alternative for your happiness and well-being is right here.

Please join and help us make our social network to be a happy place for everyone.

* What are Sunk Costs?

"The first lesson of almost any business school is ignore sunk costs. Sunk costs is a gift from your former self, maybe it's a law degree, maybe it tickets to the movies, maybe it's the deposit on a vacation that you had long planned, maybe it's the emotional connection that you have to a certain kind of thing things happening in your future like a big wedding it was hard for you to earn that dream, and it was hard for you to get that degree and now it's a fight from your former self.
The question is do you have to accept that gift?

New relationship is like fresh power. It is new and shiny and exciting, but it will not be a new relationship for long. And then you're still stuck with an old relationship, and the question is will your old relationship a year from now be better than your old relationship that you currently have is. And if the answer is yes, sunk costs completely apply. But the answer is no then what you're really doing is shopping for novelty not ignoring sunk costs."

- Seth Godin