Close Ties

Mechanism for Honesty

Close Ties app is a social network where you can have honest conversations with anyone you know with the help of the Truth feature and AI.

Send a Truth in the app by moving a slider to pick a rating of how much you care about that person and write to him or her. To a phone number or Email address that you specified, the other person will receive a text message or an Email: (let's say you are George Washington) "George Washington sent you a Truth from 12022243121" and a brief description of the app underneath it. This would prompt the other person to download and open the app to see your Truth. In a private chat room of the app, your Truth will be displayed as a message bubble and would lead both of you to message each other honestly.

The other person does not need to have an account with Close Ties app. Phone numbers and Email addresses are unique, and each Truth is securely saved with the IDs. The other person only needs to validate the phone number or Email address to see Truths previously sent to the account.

AGI currently has a maximum limit how much conversation it can remember, and the app will warn you before AGI will start to forget so you can restart the conversation if needed. Truth reply can tell you how much the other person cares about you reciprocally. Status updates (with perhaps your vacation photos) can reinvigorate all of conversations by sending a notification like a new message, and it isn't annoying as every update deletes the previous update. Calendar messaging can be a great productivity tool. Tracking your peak productivity can help you to try your best in everything that you do.