Close Ties

Healthy Social Network

Healthy relationships—just like exercise, sleep, and diet—bring happiness and longevity to you¹. Close Ties app focuses on you having and maintaining good relationships, which can be not very engaging, and finding out bad relationships which are detrimental to your health.

Both Social Network and Messaging App
• Share stories (similar to Facebook's stories and posts) directly to people you are currently messaging with so people would privately "comment" on them by sending you more messages. Sharing stories can help reengage old message threads to be active again. Stories are shared when you send the first message and deleted when you leave the conversation. Your profile photo, name, and record of stories are your profile. No ads and no businesses allowed. It is a private app using just your phone number and Email address.

More Productive and Honest Conversations
• AI comments in your conversations with other humans can be very inspiring and helpful at times, and they will only get better with time.
• Truth is a rating and text that shows how much you care about someone, and even if the rating itself isn't dead accurate, if you were able to have more productive and honest conversation, the Truth has done its job.
• Aim to maintain your peak productivity all the time by tracking your today's condition in the calendar and sharing the today's condition as a message. Helpful tips for sleep, diet, and exercise to maintain peak productivity are also provided.

Small Details To Provide You With a Better Messaging Experience
• Exactly same UIs between iOS and Android Close Ties apps.
• Group chat typing indicator and read receipt show who has been typing the longer and who has read the message before (answer: the ones on the left).
• Message bubble colors are randomly assigned and can be customized.
• Easy to load the entire message history by one action.
• Spacing between message bubbles show how long ago subsequent messages were sent, even in group chats.
• Simple UI to send message photos, gifs, videos, audios, truths, locations, and today's conditions.
• Messages failing to send fails immediately and gives you options to retry.
• Message timestamps are hidden in the place that shows when you long press a message.

¹ Conclusion drawn from the longest scientific study of happiness from Harvard and also described in detail in the book "The Good Life" (published in 2022) by Robert Waldiner, MD and Marc Schulz, PhD, who are directors of the study.